Allergy Testing

Our medical team uses allergy skin testing to accurately diagnose the source of your seasonal or year-round symptoms. Correct diagnosis through testing that identifies specific antigens causing your symptoms is an important first step to providing you with the best treatment options.

The skin test is performed using the same process used in an allergist's office: placement of multiple antigens on the arms or back, using a MAST, or multi-antigen skin test device. This test is extremely accurate, and results are obtained within 15 minutes.

The cost of the test varies by health plan. However, most plans cover these diagnostic procedures in-network. We will verify with your insurance carrier all benefit information before testing. Please note that insurance deductibles and co-payments may apply.

Treatment Options

Immunotherapy is the only disease-modifying allergy treatment that safely, over time, induces the body's immune cells to decrease or even prevent symptoms.

Other treatment options are also available. Dr. Merkle will work with you to find your optimal course of treatment.

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